Investment Activities are focused on:

  • Value Based investing in high quality Public Equities

  • High quality, highly liquid, fixed income investments

  • Private Credit Opportunities

  • Direct Investments in private companies (with an emphasis on service companies, that generate cash). 


Providing Strategic capital: 

Carroll Capital Holdings, LP  can provide value, in addition to capital, to business owners seeking capital to grow, or looking for a seamless sale and transition of their business. In many cases we provide the following:

  • Ability to help companies scale quickly and efficiently. 
  • A willingness to maintain current management teams, and provide them with ownership opportunities in the companies they run. 
  • Access to large scale end users (customers, clients). 
  • Knowledge and experience in navigating the Capital Markets (for raising debt, strategic acquisitions or mergers, or exit opportunities).
  • Ability to establish additional strategic partnerships
  • Ability to take a long term view to value creation. We are investing our own Capital, so we are not under any predetermined time requirements to "exit" an investment.