Carroll Capital makes investments based on time tested, straightforward investment disciplines:

  • Return on Equity; we measure our returns based on the free cash flow generated on the equity we have invested.

  • We are value investors that focus on buying high quality assets below what we believe they are really worth.

  • Diversification is the primary source of long term risk mitigation.

  • Monitor changes in demographics, consumer demands, and the political environment to help position long term investments.

  • Always use common sense.

  • Moderate use of leverage.

  • We only invest and work with people we like, respect, and trust.

Carroll Capital gives equal consideration to the potential downside of an investment than we do the potential upside. We are fully aware that no one can consistently predict the future, and that changing times (confusion/fear) usually bring disruption to financial markets. By always maintaining this awareness, Carroll Capital is well positioned to react quickly to downturns, which often offer the best long-term investment opportunities.