About Carroll Capital Holdings, L.P.

Carroll Capital Holdings was formed in 2016 as a family investment platform for M. Patrick Carroll (and his wife and children). The primary focus of Carroll Capital Holdings is to generate reoccurring income, maintain diversification, and preserve wealth.

 Our Guiding Principles

Carroll Capital Holdings will always remain nimble, fully aware that no one can consistently predict the future. The way we achieve this flexibility is by maintaining full control over our investment decisions, and always maintaining significant liquidity. By maintaining this discipline, Carroll Capital Holdings can react quickly to changes in the investment market, which often offer the best long-term investment opportunities.

About M.Patrick Carroll

M. Patrick Carroll (Pat) founded Carroll Organization in 2004. Carroll Organization developed several residential communities in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina before moving on to commercial real estate development and investment. In addition to the early residential developments, Carroll successfully developed a retail shopping center, a mixed-use property, and student housing development.

In early 2008, Pat successfully sold his remaining development projects. Using the proceeds from these sales, Pat acquired and merged three Multifamily property management companies to create Carroll Management Group (a National Property Management Platform wholly owned by Carroll Organization). In 2010 Carroll Organization began acquiring Multifamily Properties (in partnership with Institutional Capital), and to date has transacted on $9.5 billion. 

M. Patrick Carroll is an active investor in Real Estate, Public and Private Equity, Fixed Income, and multiple private businesses. In addition, M.Patrick Carroll is an avid supporter of several Charities that help young people, especially those who need us most, reach their full potential.